Developing standards

Open standards for data are reusable agreements that make it easier for people and organisations to publish, access, share and use better quality data.

This section is a guide to the activities, documents and resources to consider so you can develop a successful open standard.


Developing standards

How to scope, plan, develop, launch and maintain your open standard for data

Developing standards: scoping and starting

Research, plan and approve the goals, features, budget, schedule and resources to develop your open standard.

Developing standards: development

Work in the open with a wide community to create and test a your open standard, guides, and resources.

Developing standards: launch and adoption

Share the standard using an open license so you can reach a wider audience and help others use it.

Developing standards: review

Assess the impact of the standard to decide on next steps: to do nothing, invest in updates or retire.

Developing standards: update or retire

Make changes to keep the standard robust and relevant or retire it gracefully.

How to use this guide

There are a number of ways for you to learn more about the creation, development and adoption of open standards for data.

About this guide

This guidebook helps people and organisations create, develop and adopt open standards for data. It supports a variety of users, including policy leads, domain experts and technologists.

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